January 20, 2002

Watching That Bobbin' Head Bob... (Recovered from LiveJournal)

I've got this strange little bobbin' head dog, which Autumn gave me halfway through the move to Florida, sitting on top of my monitor. Whenever I move around too much while I'm typing, he nods knowingly in my direction. That, or his head just jiggles from side to side quickly. But it's mostly the nodding. I'd always thought these things were funny, ever since I passed a car on I-69 one day on a trip home from college. This car had a whole set of at least a half dozen bobbin' head dogs resting upon its dash. So it caught me by surprise when I glanced over as I drove past the driver's side window, and saw every single one of them looking at me, nodding in unison. I almost swerved off the road... comedy gold, my friends. Comedy gold..

Haven't updated the last few days, because it's been life as usual. I'm taking a rest from Vagrant Story in favor of my newest acquisition, Tennis 2K2 for my Dreamcast. The day before yesterday was home to more than a taste of controversy, though, as the TV commercial Joe and I were working on for Rocket Digital fell apart. Joe had attempted to contact Mark all morning long to reschedule their planned meeting that morning, and when it became obvious that Mark wasn't in the office he sent an e-mail. Not long after, Mark sent a nasty mail back, calling Joe "unprofessional" and letting us know he was going with Comcast to produce the ad. I'd expand, but I really wasn't there to see things firsthand.

I worked one of my longer shifts today, from 12-9:30, and I'm in tomorrow from 12-6:30. I'm looking forward to the early end to the day.

The Punchline also practiced Thursday Night, and composed a couple new songs. With Scott away at school, I finally got the chance to come up with a horn riff of my own for once. I was starting to feel completely useless, simply playing the parts that Scott had written and remaining out of the creative loop. The newest song is quite a departure from our other tracks, a lot more groove oriented and much slower than the rest of our set. I'm of the belief that it won't be a good live track, but I'm also in the minority on that one.

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