July 14, 2002

Waste of a Day (Recovered from LiveJournal)

Sometimes it just feels good to have a couple days of absolute nothing, which is what yesterday was, and today is likely to be. I've climbed out of bed before 10 for two days running now, which has me feeling more like my mom every day... strange. Well, that's not entirely accurate. Yesterday I rolled out of the bed only to turn on the TV and Super Nintendo, before I climbed back in with a controller in hand and pounded away at Final Fantasy. If I were Autumn, I'd have probably been annoyed.

She spent something like 6 hours in front of the big screen, playing FFIX. Meanwhile, I showered after I'd grown tired of the SNES, andsat down in front of this machine to do something I should've done months ago; started redesigning my web site. I've still got some navigation issues to sort out, but the basic design is right there. I'm going very plain, and trying to do more with type than I had in the past. It's a pretty strict black, grey and white design, aside from the photos, which are meant to be the first thing you see. So, I think I've been successful in that aspect; if you see a page full of grey, with one full color image in the center, that's the first place you're gonna look.

I'm also feeling giddy like a little girl with a red bow, because I did the whole thing in raw HTML, so I have a lot more flexibility than I did with Dreamweaver and I know the thing through and through. I've also made it extremely easy to update, which will (hopefully) lead to more frequent additions from yours truly. Don't cross your fingers.

It's funny, I was just thinking (as I fed the cats, to the tune of Heshi's extremely demanding, high pitched granny screams) about how these really are the best days of my life. They tell you high school and the years before are, but that's a load of horseshit. I think, so long as you're with someone you like sharing your time with, and you're doing something you enjoy, there's no time better than now. Yeah, and that's not just a freak natural occurrance, either. Maybe things are too good. Maybe I should be storing things away in my cheek pouches, anticipating that rainy day which is surely over the horizon. Maybe I'm too pessimistic. Regardless, life is really good right now and I'm happier than I've ever been. Money is not an issue, as we're able to make all the ends meet, and my debt is minimal; something like $450 on my Circuit City card, from the TV. I've completely paid off my $1200 debt to Mastercard. Once I get home, I have no pre-assigned duties, such as homework, chores, etc... though I manage to find some for myself anyway, in the form of freelance design. I'm spending my days with the woman I love with all my heart, and for once I'm not pessimistic, I think the feeling is mutual. I'm healthy. I have two cats who keep me entertained.

God, I hope this doesn't come crashing down.

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