June 29, 2001

A Busy Week (Recovered from LiveJournal)

Like the subject says, it's been a busy week. We did end up seeing Evolution a couple nights ago, as I mentioned in my last update, and it was pretty much what I expected. Stupid, stupid fun. Our friend, the illustrious Brian Wyrick, accompanied Autumn and I to the theatre, and donated his free popcorn refill to my cause. There's a bit of David Duchovny arse in the film, but it was a tasteful mooning (isn't that an oxymoron?), so I had no problem with that.

Just before we left for the picture, Kate called to make sure we were all set to visit her in the middle of the week, which we were. She also mentioned she and Mark had gone to see Evolution earlier in the week, and said it was horrible. I took a moment to reconsider our plans, but with Autumn's prodding decided to go see it nonetheless. It was better than she made it out to be.

Hey, there's 2 paragraphs about Evolution! Wasting your time, I am...

The beginning of this week was just a blur for me, so why don't we just skim over it? Monday Night was the usual... wrestling. Autumn made some shrimp fried rice that was just excellent, using our new "Asian Tradition" wok. I think it's called a work, anyway... I'm drawing a blank. Anyway, Kate gave that to us for our graduation, so if she's somehow found this journal buried within the pages of LiveJournal, thank you from the bottom of my heart! It's like I always say, Autumn likes to cook and I like to eat. The gift of food preparation tools is something she'll enjoy right away and I'll enjoy sometime later.

I've lost most memory of Tuesday. I think I just spent the whole day formatting pages into the Campus Map site. It turned out well, too, as now I've only a few changes and the main page itself to finish up before we're good to go.

Wednesday was a really weird time. I had to get up extra early (6:30 in the AM), so I could arrive at the library before they opened up to the general public. Once there, I shot QTVR panos around the general area and took off for the Music Building loading dock, where I was to meet with a fellow named "sinker". Sounds a bit shady, doesn't it?

Turns out 'sinker' is the guy who maintains all the elevators, roofs and whatnot on campus. He took me up to the roof of AC and Bracken Library, where I shot a bunch of new panos from interesting angles. It was a cool experience, and Sinker turned out to be a legitimately cool guy. Lots of ladder climbing was in order, which was OK by me.

Later that afternoon, after a day of QTVR work in Denise's office (as the program refuses to work in my office any longer), Autumn and I headed off to Lafayette to help Kate celebrate her 21st. We arrived at Chili's, where we were planning to have dinner, just as Mark was walking in the door. I sincerely like Mark, and it's a shame he and Kate are having problems. He's a cool guy, though he does occasionally run with a subject a bit too long. Perfect example; we started discussing GI Joe later that evening, and even though Kate was obviously bored / annoyed about his reluctance to discuss anything else until the subject had died, he just kept going. He's got a good heart, but could probably do with a lesson or two about communication with her.

The night went on to disastrous results, as we hit the bars the girls became thoroughly trashed in what must've been record time. At final count, I think Kate had 5 shots (including one 'Liquid Cocain'), a large Margarita (earlier in the night at Chili's), an Amaretto Sour and some other drink I can't think of offhand. By the time we reached the car, she was uproariously drunk and singing "Suck me good, fuck me good!" at random intervals. If you know Kate, you realize how completely unlike her this is.

Back at the house, she and Autumn proceeded to show each other their womanly parts while Mark and I toyed with his bizarre N64-ZIP Disc contraption. I guess he spent $400 on this thing, and can fit between 4 and 8 games on one ZIP, downloaded from the internet or recorded straight from a cartridge right there. A bit pricy for my range, especially considering the lack of decent games on the system, but it seemed to have been a good purchase in the end. He had a half dozen ZIPs full of these things. We went off to bed, with Autumn and I sleeping in Kate's bed (at her insistence) and Kate and Mark sleeping in the living room. She had the air conditioner in her room turned on to full blast, and instead of turning it down I chose instead to wake up every 20 minutes shivering. Can't really understand why I did that...

We woke up the next morning to the sound of Kate retching in the bathroom. She reminded me of a librarian vomiting, because after every puke she'd say "my goodness", followed by some moaning. It's funny now, but I shouldn't have been laughing at the time. :)

So Autumn and I played a little N64, toyed with her cat & kitten for a while, and hugged her goodbye, assuring her she'd feel better soon. The drive home wasn't as monotonous as the drive out there was, and when we got back in Muncie I set about burning a copy of Sonic Adventure 2 and a Dreamcast NES Emulator I found on the net. Later on, Kevin and Brian swung by to watch RoboCop. After they took off, I went upstairs and passed out as soon as my head hit the pillow.

Oh, I remember what we did Tuesday... we went and checked out an apartment in Indy. It's just off 96th street, near Keystone at the Crossing, and allows pets. This is good. We really liked it, and plan to move there if this job in Anderson turns out.

Speaking of which, they haven't called yet and it's the end of the week. Methinks a call Monday is in order.

Joe gave me an e-mail last night to tell me if this job doesn't turn out, he may have an opening working alongside him at this video / CD-ROM development house in Sarasota. Now that would be sweet... we've always talked about working together, and now it seems like we might be doing it right out of college. I'd have no complaints.

Keeping those fingers crossed.

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