June 17, 2001

First Post (Recovered from LiveJournal)

So I decided I'd best start writing a journal, since I'm likely to forget all the exciting things I did on June 17, 2001, when I'm older. I'm a bit giddy, because I just discovered there were over 50 other people in this little 'journal community' who share my vested interest in "pooping". Weird.

Anyway, I'm blowing time at work at this point. I've been working on the 'images' pages of my web site, which haven't been active for the longest time, and I really need to get working again. Those dedicated 7 hits a day I get count on it.

Let's see, what did I do earlier today. I woke up, after a wonderful evening with Autumn, around 9AM and laid in bed for a bit until the alarm went off at quarter after. Shit, shaved, shampooed, showered, the works. The rear tire of my trusty Grand Am is out of wind, so Autumn gave me a lift to RB in her little golden wonder vehicle. She kissed me goodbye, and looked absolutely gorgeous.

I am in love.

I got to work and actually earned my keep for a while, before the pull of the internet became too much for me. I've spent the rest of the day working on my website and just surfing randomly. I'll be off in about 3 hours, and Autumn and I have a whole chunk of nothing planned for the evening. I'll give my parents a call, because it's father's day and a Sunday, which is when I call my mother regularly. And that'll be that.

It doesn't bother me to be doing nothing these days, because that way I have time to play my Dreamcast.

Goddamn, I'm a dork.

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