June 18, 2001

Getting Stuff Done (Recovered from LiveJournal)

It's sad, really, but I've been looking forward to the chance to update this journal again. Just the thrill of something new, I guess.. though the thought that updating a journal is enough to make me excited is a pretty sad thing.

I'm feeling productive, which is good for the Ball State University Virtual Map... my current project. I actually finalized a design today, did some troubleshooting, and begun the long, drawn-out process of switching the existing pages over to this new look. Haven't cross-checked it on PC yet.. I'm saving that whole mess for another time, when I feel up to screaming at the computer screen.

Speaking of which, I really need to get on fixing some of the bugs on The Oratory. It's functional, but it's only a matter of time before people start complaining about the nasty broken tables that are going on there..

Last night was a really uneventful eve. Autumn and I ordered pizza, and I sat through about an hour of Gone With the Wind with her before giving up and heading up to snipe some people in Unreal Tournament. I hadn't played it on my computer in ages, and since Jeremy had taken his machine away with him for the week, I had no choice. After sitting through about half an hour of downloads (skins, upgrades, modifications), I finally got a chance to knock some heads off. Good, clean, American fun.

I've been multitasking this afternoon... doing everything at once, from installing QTVR on a new machine to chatting on AIM to creating, formatting and inserting images into new HTML to air drumming.. and now I'm doing some work on the journal. Hooty hoo.

Oh, and I paid bills this morning. The excitement knows no limits with this one. I'm listening to a really shitty metal CD... so why am I enjoying it so much?

About an hour before I shove off. Should get a bit more done on the map pages and call it a day.

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