June 24, 2001

Monotony Fills My Hours (Recovered from LiveJournal)

I feel like a robot, after doing basically the same tedious task over and over again for 7 straight hours. In other words, I'm sick of working on the Campus Map pages. It's not that I despise the design.. it's simple, clean, and legible. It's just that there are about 1500 pages (well, I'm exaggerating) that need to be switched over to the new look, and just about every one needs a little bit of tweaking in the HTML to make it look right. Still, I got a big glob of it done today, and I should be able to finish up tomorrow.

Doesn't stop my wrists from aching at the end of the day, though.

Last night was fun. Autumn and I grabbed some fast food (she hit KFC, while I devoured Burger King goodness) and watched Evil Dead with Joe and Kevin. We also watched the infamous "shit" episode of South Park, and were surprised by the fact it didn't bother us at all. I think we've become jaded by society's acceptance of curse words as everyday language. It's not a big deal though, right?

I'm listening to the tail end of Hum's CD, "Electra 2000", and there's a seemingly neverending loop of this horrid organ music that's been playing for the last 5 minutes. I think that accompanies the tasks I've been giving myself today pretty well. The same, annoying thing, over and over and over again...

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