January 09, 2002

Getting Back to Basics (Recovered from LiveJournal)

Once again, I've ignored the livejournal for far too long. Life has taken a nosedive into that tempting little hole in the middle of the toilet during this last quarter of 2001, and is only now showing signs of letting up. First, and I suppose, most importantly, Mark decided that Joe and I, the two designers in his digital design firm, were expendable. So, after just two months of loyal service, I was left to fend for myself in a strange new Southern land. I've done my best to make do with what I've got, and haven't done TOO shoddy of a job at that. The first place I hit in my application whirlwind was Circuit City, and less than a week later I had a steady paycheck coming in. I'm doing the hellish work of a Customer Service Associate, handling all the angry customers and all the returns, but it's paying the bills and I get everything at store cost, so there's plenty of smiles to go around. When I first started working there, someone told me not to even start buying things at my company discount, because it's so addicting, and now I know exactly what he means. I got a Kenwood Home Theater system for about $100 off retail, and haven't really looked back. It's like nicotine, except I've never smoked so I really wouldn't know what nicotine is like.

Autumn's been doing well for herself. She worked as a production designer for about a month after I was laid off, until she too knew the sting of losing an opportunity to do what you like for money. She landed on her feet, though, and is now working at a retirement village, where she's recently been upgraded from dishwasher to cook. Which is good, because she loves to cook.

Barry is developing some character, and a very strange one at that. He managed to climb atop my five foot tall CD tower earlier today, and spent some of the afternoon attempting to climb my back while I struggled with and shouted at Vagrant Story on my Playstation. Sometimes he gets frightened of thin air, and poofs his tail out to enormous proportions. It's really something to behold. Autumn thinks he can see ghosts.

Our horrible neighbors were evicted for failing to pay their rent, which is great news for us. That means no more G n' Fn' R at about 3AM, unless I feel like belting one out with Axl myself. No replacements have moved in as of this writing. I want to live upstairs.

My Uncle Jamie will be visiting later this evening, which is always fun. He's my mother's youngest brother, and is great fun.

Here's hoping I can keep up with the Journal this time.

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