January 13, 2002

Rolling Along in That Rut (Recovered from LiveJournal)

Life's just become this ongoing cycle, without the usual rest stops provided by weekends. I dislike having this constantly changing schedule at Circuit City, where I'll occasionally find myself in the middle of these week-long shifts without a day off. Because I'm a tool (or, as co-worker Michael "P.S." Haines puts it, a "toolshed"), I have yet to really complain. The hours are paying the bills and giving us breathing room on our credit debts, but they're just killing me when I get home.

Autumn and I have little or no social life, apart from going to work, coming home, eating something, playing with the cat, and falling asleep bathed in the blue glow of the television in bed. Sometimes we'll shake the schedule up with a little lovin' or a venture outside the cool cofines of the apartment, but rarely.

A couple days ago we did manage to make a successful venture into the outside world, when we visited the MOTE Marine Lab a little ways up US41. I'm generally not much for zoos, but this one was kept small enough to hold my attention. We didn't spend more than a couple hours there, which is all one can really hope to spend looking into little tanks of water. There was also, interestingly enough, a little 'petting zoo' section. I hung around the Sting Rays a bit, who were really excited to see people because I'm told they're hand fed. It's bizarre to see a Sting Ray splashing around in abundant happiness at the sight of a person. Really bizarre.

The other night, my uncle Jamie stopped by, as he was in the southern Florida area, and had a couple drinks at the homestead. We pretty much just hung around, drank a little, and watched television, though he did seem to fall in love with Sega Bass Fishing for the Dreamcast. Jamie's a cool guy.. I'm glad he's close enough to see more often.

I'm filling up my hard drive with stuff I want to put on CD, while I wait for the fools at EZQuest to decide why my brand new CD-RW drive won't power up anymore. I need to get that thing back before I fill up my hard drive, or my tower just decides it's high time for a crash.

I suppose that's plenty for today.. Adult Swim is on, and it's almost time for SeaLab: 2021. God, I love that show.

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