January 26, 2002

Visiting Old Friends (Recovered from LiveJournal)

Earlier tonight, I pulled out my weathered old copy of MTV's Oddities, featuring The Maxx, and popped it into Autumn's horrifyingly bad TV / VCR combo. Though the tracking will never be right on this tape, for some god-forsaken reason, and the first episode is really disjointed and bad, I'd forgotten how cool and enthralling the rest of it was. I miss seeing regular stuff from Sam Kieth... he always had a style nobody else could even come close to mimicking, both with his art and his storytelling.

So yeah, I actually bought some comic books Thursday evening. It's been something like 4 months since I've had a chance to do that. I've been missing all the really cool things I spent the last year looking forward to. Hell, the sequel to the Dark Knight Returns is out. Spider-Man is fun to read again. Garth Ennis is on the Punisher.. still. I'm a dork!

I spent something like $30 on books, because the place I found (a brief HOUR away) didn't have a very wide selection. Still, it's better than the little booth in the flea market I visited with Joe and Autumn a long while back. We were in and out within about ten minutes.

I've also followed Autumn's lead and started posting at the Something Awful Forums again. I'm not as headfirst into the lunacy as she is once again, but it's nice to see a few familiar faces still hanging around there. I'll say three months from now she'll put up another "BAN ME" subject, saying goodbye forever.

I've basically been keeping busy with the Dentist's flash site and the Oratory redesign these last few days. Well, that and Tennis 2K2 on the Dreamcast. I've abandoned Vagrant Story for the moment, as it's being an ass. The woman and the kitty are starting to despise the opening chords of the Dreamcast anymore. It must sound like a couple guys going at it, with me doing the play by play.. there's so much grunting in that game, and my angry shouts have become so inventive and sexually explicit.

I go through about a CD a day in the car, and I'm starting to realize that some of the stuff I really enjoyed in high school is utter crap... in particular New Order. The tunes are still sweet, but man... those lyrics are godawful. I'd rather listen to Joy Division, when the music was nowhere near as honed and the vocals were terrible, but the lyrics are masterful. I think I'll pop that in tomorrow.

Jeez, am I rambling or what..?

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