January 15, 2002

Watching Autumn Play Her Games With the Cat (Recovered from LiveJournal)

If my life were a history lesson, today would not be on the final. I rolled out of bed this morning and hit the snooze button for the first time in months. I never hit the snooze button.. but this morning I did. I think Autumn's constant use of it is finally beginning to rub off on me. That, or Barry's early "wake-up so you can feed me and play" call at about 6:45 ruined my night's sleep. Either way, I could not roll my way out from beneath the sheets when the alarm told me to initially. But I still managed to make it to work on time.

I worked an abbreviated schedule today, from 9:45-2, as I'd have gone overtime if I'd stayed any longer. And god knows Circuit City can't have that. I'd actually get written up if I went over 40 hours in one week... which pretty much shoots the entire meaning behind working overtime all to hell. Am I talking?

Anyhow, I ran a couple errands when I'd changed out of my combat gear, mailing my CD-RW drive off to the manufacturer and grabbing some packaging for Christmas gifts. That's right, Autumn and I have yet to send out our Christmas cards / presents. We're terrible friends. The entire afternoon was spent playing Vagrant Story, as was much of the evening. For a short while, I went to Joe's and met his new greyhound puppy, whose name I'm having trouble remembering. He was originally named Rouka, after a German Poet I've never heard of, but now he's named after a beatnik poet, whose name I'm amazed I can't remember. Shit.

Anyway, Joe's puppy was pretty cool. I'd forgotten how much I love dogs. Then again, I watched it piss on his carpet, so I'd also forgotten how much I love cats. Barry will sometimes dump in his litter box and kick so heavily the little turds wind up on the carpet, but at least he doesn't just do the deed on the floor right off the bat. Somehow, that makes it a little better.

Autumn brought ribs back from work today, which we devoured for supper. I never liked ribs before, but they were tasty tonight. Maybe my tastes are changing again.

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