July 12, 2002

Back in the Saddle? (Recovered from LiveJournal)

Looks like I'm back in one of my momentary "update LiveJournal daily, even if there's nothing notable to mention" moods. Let's see if this one last longer than 4 days.. it would be some sort of personal best.

I've been growing the full beard back again. It's at the point now where the moustache almost works, and I've gone too long without shaving my neck, so it's all itchy and annoying and stuff. Is there a stage of life where you get tired of shaving and wish your facial hair would just stop? Because I'm at that stage right now.

Work today was pretty solid. I feel like I'm dragging my feet with this design, the first I've had almost complete control over, but there really isn't anything else for me to be working on, so my worries are pretty unjustified. I'm putting together a page layout for "Hurricane Rita", a unique gift shop / tacky tourist store on Siesta Key, but remain determined to keep it from getting too hokey. Actually, where I'm at right now is much better than I figured I would be. I've got a 'used item' sort of feel going, with a ratty old brown paper background, and an almost Art Nouveau linework going on around the content. I've also brought in some stamps from early 1900's passports, which I found on the web, and I've incorporated their absolutely abysmal logo into the whole mess. It's a start.

This morning we had our 'weekly creative meeting', which actually usually works out to a 'bi-weekly creative meeting', since something always manages to get in the way every other week. For the first time, Jeff, the prof from Ringling we've been paying on a freelance basis, joined Ray and I to chat about fonts and type. I thought it was a lot of fun, though more often than not I just sat back and absorbed what he was saying. There's so much I could learn from somebody who's been out there like he has, but I'm afraid he's headed back to his job at the school after the summer, and that'll probably be the last I see of him. Maybe I should sit down and read that book on typography Autumn bought all those months ago...

Speaking of which, she's playing Final Fantasy IX again, with a renewed vigor. I find unspeakable humor in the way people react when a game treats them unfairly. More often than not, she'll dub the machine a "piece of shit," even if she's won. If it's particularly cheap, it's an "f'ing piece of shit." It's something we all do, but it's really, really funny to watch. Especially if you're not the one doing all the shouting. I wish sometimes I'd set up a video camera in front of the tv, to record all the stupid phrases I've recited at the screen...

Maybe that would be a good project for a documentary. Or just an installation... heh

Came home, and played some Final Fantasy VI on the old SNES. Starting to fall back into that one, and realize why it's still my favorite. I'm extremely grateful Autumn bought it for me, and gave it to me early for my birthday. I love that woman. Why haven't I asked her to marry me yet?

Time to go fall asleep on the couch, beside the soothing mantra of "piece of shit." It's like a ritual now.

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