July 11, 2002

The Best Intentions (Recovered from LiveJournal)

Honestly, I didn't mean the words of my last post to be so cryptic. "Here's hoping I make another appearance sometime within the next few months..?" Man, I had to know with that kind of buildup, it'd be ages before I updated again. What a tool I am.

So I've done it again. Really. I quit that new job, less than a month in, after rumors of the department's demise became too much to bear. Fortunately enough, I had another one lined right up, and I slid in perfectly. I'm now working at GravityFree, a web design / information management / ecommerce / web hosting house. And I've never been so happy in my entire life. Everything is great, from my coworkers to the office to the pay to the location to my position. I'm classified as the 'Senior Designer', a title which I'm very, very fond of, but probably don't deserve. Put simply, I'm "the graphics guy", though I'm doing more coding than I am Photoshopping. I've learned more about HTML in the almost two months I've been here than I had in the last two years. It's unreal.

So that's work. We did wind up picking up a new kitty at the Humane Society, a black little skin-and-bones girl cat, the same age as Barry. We dubbed her "Tiger Bot Hesh", which was shortened to "T. Hesh" on her name tag for obvious reasons. Now we just call her "Heshi". The name, if you're not familiar, is from an episode of SeaLab 2021. Which means both of our cats are named after obscure television programs with cult followings. Tell me about it.

The band is doing extremely well, as we'll be playing a side stage on the four Florida Warped Tour stops. The drive will be hell, but I'm giddy like a little schoolgirl about the possibility of playing a short tour, indirectly or no, with Reel Big Fish, the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Five Iron Frenzy, etc... This will be a good time.

And, I bought a PS2. I'd been promising myself for months that as soon as the price dropped, it would be mine. And so it came to pass. It's everything I imagined it might have been and more. Final Fantasy X is absolutely unbelievable. Really. Words can not do it justice.

Life is good, I'll be 23 in another 16 days, I've a trip to Indianapolis lined up that same week, and work rules. Yes sir... let's hope my luck holds.

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