July 18, 2002

Passive Aggressive (Recovered from LiveJournal)

So a couple more days are in the hole. I've continued my trend of partaking in nothing of consequence, pretty well perfecting the art of being a recluse. I've fallen asleep six out of the last seven nights on the couch, watching Autumn play Final Fantasy IX, and the thought of doing the same tonight doesn't bother me in the least. I'm content, and my feet are unusually hot.

We showed my finalized design for the Hurricane Rita site to the clients, and they seemed pleased with it. They didn't instantly leap from their chairs and do a backflip, but they didn't want anything changed, either. I finished up the page assets today, and started a little premature integrating. Hoo hah.

Eric, Brian and I got on the topic of Eunuchs today at work, as Ray's dog was gone to the vet all day, having his manhood permanently altered. Neither of them knew what one was, so I educated them in a field I'm sure they'd have rather left unexplored. When Ray returned from the bathroom, Brian asked him if he knew what a Eunuch was, to which Ray responded "Yeah. That's when the guy gets the head of his penis cut off, and they sew it back onto the base..." which drew bewildered glares from the three of us. He insisted he'd read all about this practice at www.eunuch.com, and I quickly typed the link in before really thinking it through. The image that greeted me was not a pretty one...

So that was another rough day at work. Ray and I would usually be meeting tomorrow at Barnes and Noble to have our Creative Research time (which consists of leafing through the design section for three hours, chatting about a loosely based topic), but I'm not sure he'll remember. Time will tell.

We had practice tonight, the first since our last show. Scott wasn't there, and we didn't get started until 8, so there was only so much we could do. Joe was determined to figure out "And She Was..." by the Talking Heads, so about half an hour was wasted while we tried to get the guitar part down. I'm personally not too excited about doing another 80s cover, but whatever... we'll find some way to have fun with it. I get the feeling I should come up with a song...

On my way to the casa del Saltay, I drove straight through this tremendous lightning storm. It was really odd, the bolts were almost pure white, and struck extremely quickly after one another. The sky was this sick yellow shade. I love watching storms, so I shut off the stereo entirely and just listened to the outdoors for a while

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