October 18, 2002

Insert Title Here (Recovered from LiveJournal)

So this'll make two days out of three. I'll resist the Meat Loaf joke dangling just in front of my face...

We're playing up at Club Diamond's in Bradenton tonight, which makes this the... fourth(?) time we've played there. Maybe it's the third. It's a great little club, I'm not sure how Tom gets us these gigs sometimes. We usually get a good turnout when playing with similar bands there, notably the set we played with the Spitvalves and the Supervillains a couple months ago. Tonight we're there with the Know How, the Supervillains and another band I've never heard of, so this could be pretty good. If nothing else, it'll be nice to play a couple new songs.

I caved and bought a digital camera the night before last, mere hours after my last update. A Sony Cybershot 3.2 megapixel, for roughly $350. I'm happy with the purchase. We got the last one in the house, since OfficeMax was running a special that sold it with a 64MB memory stick. Sweet. All we've done this week is take pictures of the cats. The cats and the pumpkin, that is. I'll get a photo of that up here as soon as I remember.

I can't believe it's Friday already. The last three weeks have just shot right by; one moment it's Monday, I'm trying to get my gears moving again, and then all of a sudden I'm writing an e-mail with an hour left in the work week. Craziness. I guess losing track of time is a good sign you're doing something you enjoy. And doing something you enjoy and receiving payment for it is a good sign you're happy. And being happy is a good sign... ? Nowhere to go with that one.

We'll cut this one a little short today, since it's almost time to call it a week. I'm feeling pleased, as I integrated a new layout for Beneva Flowers in less than a day and it looks swell in every one of the 150,359 browsers I've gotta run it through. Hm.. that's not exactly right. I only have to run it through about 75,175 browsers.. the other half I do because I'm a completist turd.

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