April 16, 2003

I Just Keep Buying Stuff (Recovered from LiveJournal)

Well, it's been a couple weeks so I suppose it's time once again to drop in another update.

This past weekend was strange, but come to think of it when was the last time I could claim a weekend was really normal? Saturday was a day of sleep for Autumn. She woke up at about 11:30, watched some television, and took a nap from 3-7:30. I don't know how she does it. If I acted that way, I'd have one large eternal headache. But for her it's relaxing, and she loves it, so more power to her. That night, we went to the movies, and saw The Core. What a stinky piece of dangling crap that thing was. I mean, we knew it was going to be bad... shit, anyone could draw that conclusion from the premise and the trailers alone. The core of the Earth has stopped rotating? Wow. I guess that was the disaster next in line after "Aliens destroy Earth's major cities", "Volcano destroys LA", "President fights terrorist captors aboard Air Force One", Meteors destroy Earth's major cities", etc... Wouldn't it be fun if every movie had to be set on the same planet, so that all these disaster films would have a big cumulative effect? That way, we'd get Stepmom set in the charred remains of New York, and While You Were Sleeping in... well, regular old Chicago, because Chicago never gets destroyed in the movies.

Why do I remember where those two movies were set?

So yeah, The Core was crap. Crappy, nutty, corny crap. It wasn't even halfway fun to watch and make fun of... the film actually took itself seriously.

Sunday we were up and out of the house by eleven, which is a weekend record. We hit the beach after spending fifteen minutes in the parking lot, searching for a space (and fighting tooth and nail for the spot we did get, as a soccer mom tried to scoot past us and steal it). Joe and Tom were planning to meet us there, and we'd all head out for fun on their jet skis, but they were nowhere to be found. Finally, about half an hour later, as we were preparing to head out, we spotted Joe out on the waves and found the towels containing Tom, Dos and one of Tom's girlfriends. I took Autumn out on Tom's ski, while Joe went solo on his, but Autumn didn't enjoy the experience. Especially after we fell off, taking a turn a little too tight. I dropped her off, and took off with Joe for a little bit before returning to the beach for a couple hours. It's a wildly different experience, piloting one of those things on the Gulf, as opposed to the small lake we used to ride in Michigan. I can't wait to go again.

Unfortunately, despite the mounds of sunblock Autumn and I applied, we neglected to cover my face, her legs or the backs of my calfs. Thus, I'm currently peeling layers of skin away throughout the day whenever I stop paying attention to my own actions. Autumn actually missed two days of work, as her feet swelled up and she could barely walk. You'd figure after two years in Florida, we'd know better than that.

I couldn't really afford one, but I bought a GameBoy Advance SP yesterday, along with the Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. I rationalized it to myself by claiming "I've got a long plane ride ahead" (actually about two hours in the air, and it's not until mid June), and "I'll be getting paid for this music folder freelance gig soon," which is true. Truth be told, I really can afford it, but I probably shouldn't have bought it all the same. Because, you know, fifteen hundred video games are probably enough for me. What a gimp I am.

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