January 05, 2006

Loss of a Dear Friend

Ladies and gentlemen, I feel obligated to inform you that after six long months of compassion, care and daily grooming, my unspeakably sexy machobeard has finally met its end. As has most of the fur on the top of my head. I returned home Tuesday evening restless and enveloped in thought, at which time the decision was made to end its suffering in the most human way possible: by way of two(!) pairs of industrial-strength scissors and my trusty beard trimmer. Length setting number five. Goodbye, sweet friend. We shared many memories together, and while your physical manifestation may have been flushed repeatedly down the toilet, (where you no doubt suffered endless torment and great indignities before finally passing on to that great, furry face in the sky) your spirit lives on within each of us.

Pictures may or may not be forthcoming. I’m always really good at taking a great “before” picture and never following it up with a suitable “after.”

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