January 16, 2007

Day Three

Day three is now behind me, and my experience on the diet continues to be varied. Yesterday was strange. As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I felt terrible in the morning. My stomach was up in arms, my head was aching and I was making constant trips to the restroom. Around lunchtime, all of the bad feelings suddenly began to fade away, like a cluster of clouds breaking apart to let some rays of sunlight through. I felt great! My head was crystal clear, I had the energy AND the motivation to do something with my day, and… most exciting of all, my nose had cleared up completely. Where before the diet, I've always had trouble with my sense of smell thanks to a constantly-blocked snout, yesterday afternoon I was smelling things like never before. When I took the laundry down the hall to hit the washer and dryer, I knew what was going on in each of my neighbors' kitchens. My immediate neighbors were preparing a serving of chocolate chip cookies, while someone a bit further down the hall was slowly cooking a roast. I could do more than smell them, I could almost visualize them, taste them. Every room I entered seemed to have a brand new personality all its own. This was very strange, but very, very welcome.

It's funny, as I was explaining this diet to my Mom over the phone this weekend, I started sneezing and snotting up spontaneously, from out of nowhere. I hadn't been sick, and didn't feel any other symptoms, so I wondered aloud if it was the Master Cleanser working its way through my upper respiratory system. It looks like that may have been the case, even if the sensations were temporary. By bedtime, my usual nasal blockade was in place.

When I came back to the condo after putting in the first load of laundry, I was overwhelmed with the need to do something. It wasn't that I was overly invigorated, so much as I was completely motivated. I needed to do something with my day besides laundry, blog updates and Final Fantasy XII, I needed to accomplish something. So, I set about adding a corkboard base to our kitchen cabinets, a project we'd both been ignoring since we bought the materials about a month back.

My taste for the tea still hasn't changed, and I'm beginning to doubt it ever will. I loathe the thought of even tasting that stuff, and have been dreading my nightly mug of it throughout the last couple of days. This morning, I gargled with Listerine after chugging a warm coffee cup full of the substance. Not sure if I was supposed to do that or not, but it was the best thing I could do to avoid tasting it for the rest of my morning commute.

This morning, I felt somewhat nauseous and under the weather. Having experienced a similar situation yesterday, I refused to burn another of my days off and soldiered my way into the office. Around eleven, my stomach quit churning and kindly left me alone to complete my day's work. I've made several trips to the bathroom, fearing disaster, but haven't yet produced anything. Maybe it's time for another salt water cleanse.

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