September 05, 2001

I've Lost at Phone Tag (Recovered from LiveJournal)

Seems like I managed to talk to everyone in the world within these last couple days. I gave BP a ring this evening, just to pass along the new address / #, and to see how things were doing back in the old pisshole of Muncie, and he seems to be doing OK. He's got two labs full of new Apple equipment to look after / network / maintain / hack, so he's been keeping busy on that front.

The sis called late this evening, which was just as bizarre as any of our other conversations. For one reason or another, our whole discussion rotated around the cat, and Autumn's bizarre method of playing with it. She seemed to be taking a special pleasure in forcing the poor young creature to fall over backwards, chasing a gold ribbon. But it was all in good fun. Erin's enjoying college to its fullest, which makes me wonder why it took me so long to come out of my shell freshman year. I've fond memories of Jeremy and I sealing that door tight and vegging far too long in front of the N64, which was brand new at the time. Have I just dated myself? Gah!

Anyhow, last night I had a nice conversation with Kate. I guess you never really figure out how much you liked talking with a close friend until they're out of your area code. I wish we could've hung out more as we got older, but then again.. maybe the distance made us better friends than we ever should have been. Hm. Deep...

I use that little tri-period cliche too much in my writing.

We're still discussing names for the cat... current front runners include: Atari, Skeletor, Randy Gordo, Barry (or Lavonne) or Ralph. I'm also somewhat fond of Cat5, but perhaps a Logan's Run reference would be too vague.

My insanity with the MP3s has yet to slow down, except now I've added a new passion to my search; Invader Zim episodes. I've been a big fan of Jhonen Vasquez since Squee launched (never even SAW Johnny... it was always sold out...), and I can't believe Nickelodeon's letting him get away with some of the shit he's done. It's dark, twisted, bizarre and right up my alley. So I must have them all.

Work went well today. The Gonyas came in, and took a look at the Quicktime VR I did of his sculpture. They seemed to really enjoy it. Mark told me August was the worst month in terms of income Rocket had ever experienced. To make a point... we've already made twice the income in September that we did in August. And today's the 5th. Yeesh.

Oh! And I had a quick chat with Lindsay on AIM earlier today. She seems well. I was always a bit bugged that we never hung out more than we did. We get along really well.

Then again, that might just be me being retarded again. We hung out a lot during my Freshman year at BSU, because I was home so often, hoping and praying Myra would remember she was my girlfriend. The stupid things we do when we think we're in love...

OK, time to say goodbye. I've just been granted an account on a server offering Invader Zim episodes! Hoot!

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