April 14, 2002

Time to Get PAID... (Recovered from LiveJournal)

Isn't it strange, how phrases you always used to say as a kid stick with you for years and years afterwards? For instance, the title of this post, which was lifted from the soundtrack to that early 90s In Living Color spinoff, Mo Money. Come to think of it, I lifted a lot of phrases from that soundtrack... and I didn't even see the movie until a couple years ago. My personal favorite was "I guess it's time for fun and games with the mail boy." Didn't understand it then, still don't today. I guess mail boys just have a lot of fun.

Anyhow, I've had a guilty sort of day, blowing my entire day off in front of the computer, playing Diablo II. This is about the third time I've started that game, and I've already passed up all my previous points. My sternly heroic character has chosen the name "BeastLoad". He's pretty lame, really, and keeps telling me all about how he "can't CARRY any more." Like it's my fault he's an ass and won't organize his new items correctly. God, I am anal retentive. I'm chastizing a video game character for not being organized enough. Yeah, I've got my DVDs, CDs, Dreamcast games and PSX games sorted alphabetically by name. So...?

But yeah, the title of this post wasn't all just a clever allusion to early 90s pop culture. I actually did get paid today, and that feels nice. I finished up another hellish freelance project for Bill Venit today, sent it to press, burned some CDs with the PDF files, and deposited my check. And I celebrated with..... more Diablo!!

I'm farting up a storm, and it's not really the kind of farts you want to stew in and enjoy. So I'll cut this short. Here's hoping I make another appearance sometime within the next few months..?

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April 10, 2002

Another Set of Hard Drive Crashes (Recovered from LiveJournal)

I've been having one hell of a time with my machine lately, and am strongly questioning the reliability of OS X. It seems like every other time I start up, there's a new, bad, icon blinking at me as my computer fails to boot up. Today I saw a vast array, ranging from the simple (machine didn't know which startup disk to use) to the illegible (a folder with a picture of a classic mac in it, broken in half) and everything in between. Fortunately enough, I managed to piece things back together again on my own, ending this particular episode after roughly three days of hell. Sometimes I don't know how I get things working again... most of the time I stand proud in the fact that I know just enough to be dangerous.

So life's been good. I've left my position at Circuit City to pursue work at another fledgling CD / Graphic Design firm. Another shot at the big leagues, I suppose, though I find myself wondering if this time will be any different than the last. It's a similar set of circumstances; trying to help get a new place off the ground, lots of new equipment coming in but not quite as much work, a bizarre feel floating above our heads. But then again, this time things seem just a touch more organized. We've got a guy, Dave, completely dedicated to promotion, drumming up business for us and getting us the money we need to stay afloat. We have a list of potential clients to work with, as this firm (CRD - Contractor's Residential Design) is a branch off of what I've gathered is a successful architecture firm. And the overhead seems to be there. Instead of helping the owner sell all the hardware - my workstation included - I'm helping him pick out the right stuff to buy. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, but I'm also keeping my resume warm and an eye on the doors of Circuit City.. only a short ways behind me. God, I hope I don't have to go back there....

Life with Autumn has been going well. We get on one another's nerves occasionally, but always manage to patch things up within a couple minutes. We're thinking of picking up another cat from the Humane Society.. but I'm not sure how Barry would react. He needs a friend, but I think he'd rather have another human running aroung the house.

Autumn has also managed to get me completely and hopelessly addicted to Dance Dance Revolution. She actually bought the floor pads on ebay, and we've been going wild, playing it on our new giant TV.

Yeah, that's right. I bit the bullet and spent more than my entire tax return on a 43" HD projection TV, during my last days at the city of circuits. Probably the best move I've ever made too. I love this set, and picked it up at something like $700 below retail with my employee discount. That week, life was very good.

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