February 03, 2003

My Saturday Night (Recovered from LiveJournal)


We were playing at this big closing party for the Sarasota Film Festival this past Saturday night, which was a big thing, all in honor of a retiring producer. So we go on, and play our first song, and suddenly the guy who's organizing the event is talking to Joe, our guitarist, onstage. We quit playing for a minute, because they've decided it's time to give this achievement award to the producer.

And then, from out of nowhere, here comes Stephen Tyler from Aerosmith. Our trombone player and I are just sitting on stage right, and he brushes past us onto the stage to deliver this award. And I'm thinking... hey, cool. I'm sitting five feet away from the guy who sang "Walk this Way". So he does his little thing, and says "I'd like the rest of Aerosmith to join me onstage now." And here comes the rest of the band, brushing past us.

So they're getting ready to leave after giving this award, and Joe opens up his guitar cases, looks at Joe Perry, and points at his guitars. The crowd catches on, and starts cheering.. and effing Aerosmith plays a half hour set with our equipment. And then we went on and finished our set after they were done.

So, in short, we opened and closed for Aerosmith Saturday night, and got to watch their entire set from onstage with them. I'm not a huge fan of theirs by any stretch of the imagination, but damn.. that was cool.

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