October 31, 2006

The Wedding

For those of you I couldn't reach via e-mail (I probably lost your address... sorry...)

Hello, one and all-
As you may or may not have surmised, (or been informed) the sky has indeed fallen. Long considered the final sign of an impending apocalypse, Autumn and I have "tied the knot," so to speak, and affirmed our status as man and wife. The deed was done this past Saturday evening, October 28th, at sunset on Siesta Key beach, where I first proposed over three years ago. There was a stiff breeze, and we had to abandon our first choice in location (turtle beach, a couple miles down the same key) due to the proximity and volume of the incoming tide, but otherwise everything went swimmingly (rimshot).

We would've liked nothing more than to have an enormous, glitzy wedding affair with all of our best friends and family in attendance, make no mistake about it. In fact, if you're receiving this letter, you were on our list to attend when we first made our plans, and we feel terrible about going forward without your being there. However, after three years of earnestly attempted planning, saving money, spending said money, rinsing and repeating, we realized that (barring an impending lottery victory) a large wedding wasn't in the cards for us. In the end, we decided to keep things very quiet and very low-key. We had a total of 16 wedding guests, all immediate family, (brothers, sisters, parents, grandparents) and managed to come through the event without an enormous debt on our shoulders. Please please realize that this was a difficult, painful decision to make, and that every one of you passed through our thoughts at one point or another on the big day.

I've uploaded many photos of the event to my flickr account, where they can be viewed in straight-up or magical-slideshow format at the following address:


I've reached my maximum upload limit for the month on that site, so check back again Wednesday, when that limit replenishes itself, and I plan to upload another dozen or so candid (!!!) shots of the ceremony and the following festivities. Did Sean smash the cake into Autumn's mouth? Did Mamaw indulge in an alcoholic beverage or two? Who, exactly, was knighted during the reception? All these answers and more, coming November 1.

I just wanted to send a little message to let everybody know what happened, why it happened, and that yes, we do love every one of you.

Hoping your weekends were every bit as good as our own,
-Sean and Autumn
(finally, Man and Wife)

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